Is Your Agent Literally The Worst

Dated: 08/18/2015

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Have you ever asked yourself, "Is my agent LITERALLY the worst real estate agent?" I mean, technically, someone has to be the worst, right? Just by shear objective comparison. Certainly, most agents are competent, and some are really great, but boy howdy, there are some bad ones out there too. 

I'm not going to name any names, because that would be taking this too far, but I do want to tell a brief but true story about someone who I consider a nominee for The Worst Agent. 

I had a real nice listing, the house showed great, it was always clean and well kept, BUT, the owners were still living there, and they had two daughters and two dogs, so it needed a little touch up before showing. So, in order to make sure it was in suitable condition, they requested at least an hour's advanced notice. They just needed enough time to do some quick clean up and be able to leave and go do something else for a few minutes. 

I put the instructions clearly in the MLS, that in order to show the home agents should call or text the owner with at least one hour notice, more if possible, but we would try to accommodate. So, I get this call on a Friday night from an agent who wants to show the house. 

I say, "Great, call or text the owner with at least an hour's notice. If you are showing it tomorrow, try to get ahold of him tonight, that would be a great help." 

So, I don't hear anything and don't see any lockbox activity for most of the day Saturday. Later in the afternoon on Saturday I get a call from the same agent who says, "My buyers want to see this home in about 30 minutes." Showing expert restraint, I gritted my teeth and smiled and said, "I just talked to you yesterday, and I told you to call or text the owner at least an hour in advance." She says, "Oh yes, we weren't sure which homes we wanted to see, so I am just trying to make appointments when my buyers decide." Okaaaay... So you have no plan at all, you just drive to one house, and then afterwards look at the whole MLS again, and pick the next house?! 

That's not how I would handle it, but knock yourself out. So, I don't see any lockbox activity the rest of Saturday or Sunday. On Monday morning I get a call from my client who says, "you know, we're getting tired of realtors who don't know how to follow instructions."
    I say, "Oh man! What happened?"
    "Last night around 6pm I got a text from some agent who wanted to come over in half an hour to see the house. I told them I just couldn't have it ready in time."
    "Hey, that's perfectly understandable," I said, honestly, "No worries. If they can't follow instructions, they can't see your house, right? That's fair," I comforted. 

The real victims here are that agent's buyer clients. Here are folks who are on the cusp of making what will likely be the largest financial decision of their lives, and they don't have access to all the options which will help them make the best choice. Because their agent doesn't know how to coordinate showings. 

When I work with buyer clients, I take some time with them to identity what kind of house they want. We narrow down the price and area and spend some time developing a list of homes that meet their criteria. (Much of this can be done by the buyers on the computer over a few evenings.) Then once we have a list of homes and a time to meet, I go through and read all the showing instructions listed in the MLS. If the home is vacant we can usually show it at anytime. But if there are instructions to contact the owner in advance and make an appointment. Do you know what I usually do? I call the owner in advance and make an appointment. 

This alone doesn't make me the best real estate agent there ever was, but it plants me firmly within the ranks of the competent. And that's a great place to start. 

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Gavin McCaleb

Gavin has lived in Boise for over 20 years. In 2003 he got his start in real estate as an investor and since then he has personally bought and sold over 100 houses. He got licensed in 2009 and is now....

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