Do You Even Know How To Buy A House

Dated: 09/29/2014

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I've been watching the local market, and all the signs are there for a strong Buyer's market, at least for the next several months. We have more inventory right now than we have had in Q3 the last 3 years. Interest rates are still low, and there is a good mix of new and resale homes. It all adds up to a great time for buyers to go out and choose the home really like and get a good price on it. 

So where are the buyers? According to this article, even though 68% of americans think this is a good time to buy, they may not be taking action because they are unsure how to proceed. They may not know how to go about qualifying for a loan, if they qualify due to something in their financial past (think foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy), or they may just not be familiar with how to navigate the home-buying process. 
The home buying process has changed in many ways over the past few years. Consumers need to educate themselves, not just on the market in general, but how their own situation applies to new lending requirements and guidelines. Speaking with a lender or Realtor® is an easy way to get information and make a plan to find and buy your dream home. 
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Gavin McCaleb

Gavin has lived in Boise for over 20 years. In 2003 he got his start in real estate as an investor and since then he has personally bought and sold over 100 houses. He got licensed in 2009 and is now....

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  • Posted by Hal Kaplan
    Gavin: I was watching a video posted by Mike Turner named, " Watch Out Boise Home Builders." It's basically charting inventory against sales and he shows a current trend of inventory outpacing sales. That will obviously bring prices down or people may list their homes lower than normal due to a lot of competition with other sellers. This is something I am very interested in because if the inventory keeps going way up but sales don't keep pace, there should be some great deals available. There is a link at the lower right of the page with his video named, "Live Like A Rock Star." The text above I just cut and pasted here. there is a picture of a home that he briefly describes but, there are no details like price, address, etc. so I cannot look it up. He has one photo of the house in the Rock Star link and that's it. Can you send me an address or something I can use to view the house details please? If this house is way over 300,000 then I won't need it. The only thing I know is that it is in Emmett which I know is fairly close to Eagle but it seems like there are great homes and deals there along with great views which are number one on my list. I would love to have panoramic views of the mountains and hills and I'm guessing from photos of other homes I have seen there that you have much more of a country setting with neighbors much further away and an acre or so of land. I came across this home on your site and I love this house so I would think that there are others similar to this and with the same type views and possibly a little land all around the house. Unless I am missing something, this house in my opinion is fabulous and since there is no HOA, that's a bit of a bonus. I'm sure I'd have to get a riding mover. Do you know what type of material the homes there are generally made of because I would like to know what is involved if the home needs to be painted at some point. I am unfortunately in one of the last wood exterior homes in my area even though most homes are fairly new but I know they have to paint the outside about every 6 or 7 years and that's with no snow and very little rain. I think we've had two days of rain this year. I might have missed the material in the listing but I did not see it. from the picture it's hard to tell. Looks maybe like stucco or something similar. Do you know. I have to factor in things like paint cost if it's my responsibility. I've had some Idahoans who live around here tell me that Emmett is a pretty scenic area and more rural but only about 20 minutes from Boise. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks. Hal Over the past few years, Idaho has been able to maintain a great real estate market! Home owners are still buying and selling, and new homes in Idaho are going fast! In fact, buying a new home is more affordable than ever, because Idaho home builders are working hard to keep the prices competitive and the customers happy! One amazing thing about living in the Boise area is that there are so many small suburbs people can live in! One great small city is Emmett. This city is a short 20 minute drive from Eagle, Idaho. Emmett has many different houses currently on the market.I would like to introduce you to one of the best houses in Emmett! In this house you really will feel like you are living like a rock star! This home on Sand Hill is the perfect home. It has a timeless design, a kitchen to die for, iconic wrap-around porch and a large spacious lot with valley views. It is the perfect blend of luxury living in a wide open country feel!

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